Host a Spectacular Fourth of July Party

Mid-summer is here, everyone is having a good time and waiting to hear about the next event to go to. Make your friends happy by throwing the Fourth shindig this year. Everyone has certain expectations when they go to an event on the fourth of July so try to keep this in mind while also trying not to be too unoriginal in your approach.

Things you should definitely have:

Red, white and blue

If this was not a part of your plan, we’ll forgive you for a second. But get into the spirit a little bit by decorating your home to match the colors of this historic day! Don’t just decorate your house. Try to incorporate it into your drinks and snacks too if you can. Grab some red, white and blue decorative pillows where you can find them. Today, it is alright to go overboard with attention to detail.


Everyone loves a good hot dog or burger on the fourth. If you have any vegan or vegetarian diets to wrestle with try to be hospitable and provide some veggie burgers or something for them to snack on as well. Some homemade red, white and blue cupcakes should add a nice touch to dessert as well. Or some strawberry cheesecake for more particular foodies.

Drinks and Cocktails

Virgin or otherwise, some festive colored cocktails or drinks will really hit the spot. A nice mix of Shirley Temple’s, sprite, and even some blue Gatorade could suffice. But, if you have your own bar try to get creative and whip up something special. Throw some colorful garnish on it. People will be glad you gave the effort.


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