Plan A Wonderful Staten Island Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah Party

The day your son or daughter has their bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah is an important occasion for them and for Jewish parents. Adulthood comes with many changes, not only in age but also, in ability and maturity. This day is to honor your child’s first step into becoming an adult. As for any party, try to keep in mind your child’s personality to create an event that will honor them effectively. Planning a perfect Bar Mitzvah on Staten Island should include these careful selections.

Some Aspects to Consider:

Choosing the Date and Invitations

Most bar mitzvah celebrations take place directly after the ceremony at the Synagogue. When selecting the date, consider if you are able to have the party on the day of the actual Bar/Bat mitzvah (the day of their birthday). Furthermore, in many communities it has become customary to celebrate a bar or bat mitzvah the same way people would a wedding. For this reason, you may want to look into reserving a block of hotels for any out of town guests who are invited to your son or daughter’s special day.

Booking the Party Venue and Entertainment

Pick a location that will hold all of your guests comfortably and lavishly. If the day does not fall on Shabbat, it is natural that music and dancing will take place alongside a festive meal. For this reason, a dancefloor and DJ or live music should be considered while in the process of selecting the best place. If you choose to have live music played by a band that day, it would be wise to choose a larger location to handle the noise compared to music from a DJ.

Food and Beverages

For this night especially the selection of food is optimum. Depending on your family’s specific dietary choices you will want to select a menu that encompasses them and will also feed your guests sufficiently. Another thing to consider is the ages of all guests in attendance. You will want to keep some options if anyone decides to bring their young baby with them. Otherwise, your son or daughter can help select the menu based on their tastes, while keeping with tradition as well.


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