Three Tips For Throwing A Great Tea Party


Most people out there in the world enjoy drinking tea. It’s bigger in Europe than anywhere else, but that doesn’t mean people elsewhere in the world aren’t also enjoying tea. One of the most popular types of parties that you can throw is the tea party. What is a tea party exactly? It’s actually a little more involved than it sounds. A tea party is a gathering of your close friends and colleagues where you enjoy tea and appetizer-size snacks and enjoy each other’s company.

One of these parties is usually on the fancier side. If you attend one of these parties you might get to enjoy the clean aesthetic that comes with a tea party. If you’re planning on throwing your own tea party, check out these three tips on how you can make your party great,

Kick Off Your Party With A Tasting

The great thing about tea is the crazy amount of flavors you have to choose from. You can go classic lemon flavor, earl grey, or you can even choose a flavor that’s more fruity in taste. You can kick your party off with a small tasting of a variety of flavors so everyone can find out which tea is perfect for them, without having to commit to an entire glass that might go wasted.

Serve Themed Treats

There is nothing cooler than themed food at a party. If you attend a Halloween party, you might be indulging on a bowl full of spooky punch. Even at a Christmas party, you’ll see gingerbread cookies waiting to be eaten on a tray. Serving themed treats that go along with a tea party is a surefire way of making your party a hit. One option for you is Chocolate Dipped Shortbread Tea Bag Cookies, which you can read the recipe for HERE.

Use Teacups As Bowls For Candy And Snacks

You’re throwing a party and you have way too many teacups and fancy plates for the amount of guests that will be in attendance. Don’t store those cups away, put them to good use! Use your extra cups as serving bowls for candies or snacks that people can snack on as your party goes on. Jellybeans are a prime example of a party snack that will not only look great displayed on the table, but is also delicious.

And If you’re just looking to have your party catered to take all of the workload off of yourself, ask for our catering suggestions. You won’t be disappointed!

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