Staten Island Wedding Location Spotlight: The Alice Austen House

Alice Austen House Weddings

Alice Austen House: The Perfect Place For Your Waterfront Wedding on Staten Island

That waterfront wedding has always been in the back of your mind. But where to have it? The Alice Austen House in Staten Island features a beautiful landscape to hold a whimsical wedding, with an enchanting view of Brooklyn and the Verrazano Bridge. Staten Island Party Rentals promises to make your special day everything you have pictured it to be since you put that engagement ring on.

Alice Austen was one of America’s earliest and most prolific female photographers and over her life, she captured about 8,000 images. A rebel who broke away from the ties of her Victorian environment, Alice Austen created her own independent life. The Austen house and the garden are seen from every possible angle or driveway and waters edge served as the first subjects for Alice’s camera. Visitors can relax outside on the long span of grass or enjoy the view by the water. The Alice Austen House also holds exhibitions for photographers regularly.

Clear Comfort (the Alice Austen House) was built in 1690 as a one-room Dutch farmhouse. After being bought by Austen’s grandfather, John Haggerty Austen, Alice herself moved there as a young girl in the late 1860s with her mother, Alice Cornell Austen. She lived there with her lifelong companion Gertrude Tate until 1945. Concerned citizens saved it from demolition in the 1960s. The house successfully gained status as a historic landmark and was restored in the mid-1980s.

Serving the tri-state area, Staten Island Party Rentals specializes in on-site and off-premise catering. We can do the honors of putting together your dream wedding or function at the Alice Austen House or bring our services to you. We work carefully to perfect your vision and create the event you desire. Our attention to detail is unmatched.

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The breathtaking views by the Alice Austen House await you.

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