Party Location Spotlight: Eve Ultra Lounge

Planning a party for the weekend and don’t know where to have it? Eve Ultra Lounge offers two levels, one for a more intimate party setting, the other for a more open space atmosphere, perhaps for a dubstep event. If an indoor location is not what you’re looking for, consider the outdoor oasis. The outdoor lounge has a few water fixtures and everything you and your guests need to experience some luxury.

Eve can handle organizing entertainment needs as well. From a DJ to a photographer, Eve Ultra Lounge can supply you with what you need for a perfect night. Do not worry about contacting separate vendors to get pricing quotes. Tell us what you need and the options we provide will be explained to you.

Eve Ultra Lounge was featured on MTV and VH1. The modern space attracts people and artists city-wide.  The 25-foot ceilings allow for an excellent light and laser show. Our space is very versatile and can be adapted for any event. The outdoor oasis includes a tiki bar, grand deck, and lounge furniture.

Services that we offer to our clients include: lists of DJ’s, MC’s catering services, lighting systems, state of the art sound equipment as well as waiters, waitresses and photographers as needed. We also offer Aerialists who can perform trapeze acts and aerial performances and fire breathers.

We tailor each event to our clients, offering additional options such as ice sculptures, photo montages, posting your logo or name on the front of the building, radio voice drops and more. Plan your event at Eve Lounge and rest assured our staff will be professional and attend to your guests all night. The Lounge can create memories that will last forever.

Come discover what your party can be, at the Eve Ultra Lounge!

About Staten Island Party Rentals

Serving the tri-state area, Staten Island Party rentals specializes in on-site and off-premise catering. We can do the honors of planning your dream party at Eve’s Ultra Lounge or bring our services to you where ever you may need them. We work painstakingly to make your event everything you have envisioned. We have tables, chairs, linens, chair covers, servers and can also provide bar service if desired by our clients. We are at your service.

For more information on Staten Island Party Rentals or to schedule an appointment please contact us at:  (718) 720-0900

Staten Island Party Rentals

Need Tables, Chairs, Tents, etc. for your Staten Island Wedding or large event? Staten Island Party Rentals has you covered.

We provide White Wedding Chairs, Plastic Party Chairs, Tables of all sizes, Tents to suit any event, and all of the extras that your party might require.

Contact us: (718) 720-0900

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