Hot Wedding Colors For 2019

When you are planning a Wedding, the color palette can quickly become a big point of debate. What colors represent you? Represent the day? The mood? The season? Do any of these options clash with each other? Well, to help ease some of that pressure, here are a few color trends that are making a big splash in 2019.

– Dusty Rose. With a mix of light purples, dark burgundies, and navy blue; Dusty Rose is a palette that is both non-traditional, yet oddly precedent of the more subdued and darker tones that have been a growing style staple of weddings in the past few years. These colors really feel sleek and present a sharp focus that will get your guests taking notice for all the right reasons.

– Sun Yellow. This palette of canary yellow, dark red, and pale blue is perfect for a Spring or Summer wedding. These colors allow the yellow to really stand out and paints a great muted backdrop of sky and earth tones to perfectly compliment the bright glow of the yellows. Expect to see these colors in plenty of Bridal parties in 2019.

– Sunset. This might be our personal favorite palette, as it evokes both a nostalgic vibe while also being very modern with its mix of peach orange colors and rustic grays & beige. This color palette pairs well with the Fall season best, but we can see this being a big hit any time of the year, as it also doubles as having a generally pleasant feel for evening weddings.

No matter which color palette you decide on, Staten Island Party Rentals has you covered with years of expertise and a limitless amount of options at play for your next Wedding or event decor. So contact them today and get started planning your next event!

What Makes a Great Staten Island Graduation Party

When it comes to a Staten Island Graduation Party, you can go a million different ways with the type of atmosphere, decor, and food. It’s all down to personal tastes and nobody knows how to see to it that those tastes are met like Staten Island Party Rentals.

Staten Island Party Rentals can provide everything you need for your next Graduation event; from the chairs and tables to the outdoor tents and canopy to even the venue and full staff.

They’ll come to you anywhere on Staten Island and work with you to set up your Graduation party to your indoor or outdoor needs. But with most Graduations taking place during the tail end of Spring, why not think about using a venue like the Greenbelt Nature Center, surrounded by the beauty of the forest; the Alice Austin House, right on the water with a large outdoor space behind the house; or even Edgewater Hall, with its four floors of beautiful Victorian decor and a beautiful rooftop view of the NYC skyline that is perfect for any event.

They know how hard it can be to plan everything just right for a Graduation event. They also know that Graduation parties often come with special requests such s specific menus, DJs, intricate lights and decor. When you contact Staten Island Party Rentals, don’t hesitate to let them know what you need. It’s their business to see to it that your party has what it needs; from the essentials like tables, chair, and wait staff to those unique requests that other party rental businesses won’t entertain.

Staten Island Party Rentals proudly offers all of the tableschairstents, canopies, and more to make Graduation Day one your guests will never forget.

For more information on Staten Island Party Rentals or to schedule an appointment please contact us at: (718) 720-0900

Flavorful Fall Food Favorites To Spice Up Your Autumn Gatherings

Brown, Yellow, and Red Leaves that have fallen in Autumn

With cooler weather on the horizon and the early return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte comes all the comforts of fall. Warm boots, fuzzy flannels, oversized sweaters, and beanies mean it’s time to bundle up and chow down on flavorful fall foods. 

Outside of the typical fare you’d find during the fall months which includes staples such as Pumpkin Pie, Apple Cider and Hot Chocolate, we’ve collected some unique and lesser-known dishes we’re sure you’ll want to serve at your fall wedding, office party, or Halloween event!

  • Butternut Squash Soup – A soup so rich and delicious it’s like a warm blanket for your soul (and stomach).
  • Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls – This unique take on cinnamon rolls is sure to delight pumpkin lovers and sweet tooths alike.
  • Spaghetti Squash – A healthy alternative to traditional pasta, the spaghetti squash can be roasted and eaten straight from the gourd with a fork or shredded and plated with your traditional red sauce of choice.
  • Sweet Potato Pie – While Pumpkin and Apple may reign supreme, sweet potato offers a savory deep-yet-sweet fall flavor that can’t be ignored.
  • Streusel Apple Bread – What more can be said about apple streusel in bread form other than Y-U-M? Pair this with Nutella or Caramel and a glass of hot cider and thank us later.
  • Zucchini Bread – We’re not sure which genius decided to take zucchini and turn it into some kind of magical, cinnamon-y bread but we thank them for their contribution.
  • Baklava – If you’ve never had baklava, you’re missing out. Made from of multiple layers of thin and crispy filo dough held together with sticky sweet honey and chopped walnuts, it’s simple complexity is one of the lesser known fall foods to try.

Staten Island Party Rentals proudly offers all of the tables, chairs, tents, canopies, and more to make your fall party one your guests will never forget. 

For more information on Staten Island Party Rentals or to schedule an appointment please contact us at: (718) 720-0900


What to ask your caterer before your wedding?

staten island wedding catering

Managing a wedding, and that too your own is a daunting task. Running here and there to get the preparations, handing out invites, and arranging for almost everything. Being on an emotional rollercoaster and still trying to manage everything that you and your spouse love is both sweet and exhausting.

In order to make things easier, here is a smart little list of questions that you should ask your caterer, before your wedding, it covers all the basis for your wedding;

Have You Worked At My Venue Before?

This is the smartest question. You can simply ask him to show arrangement sample pictures (if he/she has) or the arrangements he/she made back then and ask him to make appropriate changes to bring a bit more uniqueness to your wedding. Not only this, since the caterer has worked before, he would be able to give more insights and would help you to improve on the mistakes which were made the last time.

Which Services Are Not Included?

Save your time, you can see what a caterer offers over internet, pamphlets and all the marketing material he provides. Get straight down to the business and ask him what is not included! It gives you a much larger picture and gives you the tools to work with while deciding on the caterer.

Where Does The Food Come From?

Ask about the source of the food, if the ingredients are locally grown, or are being bought from supermarkets. If they are seasonal or not. It would help you decide a better menu that tastes fresh and good.

Once The Guest Count Is Given, Do You Allow Changes To Be Made?

One of the most important questions about your wedding is guest lists. There are always some relatives who are late to respond or some friend who wants to bring a plus one in the last minute. Ask your caterer if he entertains last minute changes in the guest lists.

How many events will you cater on my wedding day?

Among all the other questions you asked, ask him/her how many other events is he/she handling at the given date, and if prospect caterer is  handling other events, ask him/her how they plan to provide their best services to you and if he/she would get distracted and ruin both the events.

The list of question goes on and on, however, these are the least asked questions and are extremely necessary to ask your caterer. Make sure that you plan your questions ahead of time and ask them all the right questions!!

Host a Spectacular Fourth of July Party

Mid-summer is here, everyone is having a good time and waiting to hear about the next event to go to. Make your friends happy by throwing the Fourth shindig this year. Everyone has certain expectations when they go to an event on the fourth of July so try to keep this in mind while also trying not to be too unoriginal in your approach.

Things you should definitely have:

Red, white and blue

If this was not a part of your plan, we’ll forgive you for a second. But get into the spirit a little bit by decorating your home to match the colors of this historic day! Don’t just decorate your house. Try to incorporate it into your drinks and snacks too if you can. Grab some red, white and blue decorative pillows where you can find them. Today, it is alright to go overboard with attention to detail.


Everyone loves a good hot dog or burger on the fourth. If you have any vegan or vegetarian diets to wrestle with try to be hospitable and provide some veggie burgers or something for them to snack on as well. Some homemade red, white and blue cupcakes should add a nice touch to dessert as well. Or some strawberry cheesecake for more particular foodies.

Drinks and Cocktails

Virgin or otherwise, some festive colored cocktails or drinks will really hit the spot. A nice mix of Shirley Temple’s, sprite, and even some blue Gatorade could suffice. But, if you have your own bar try to get creative and whip up something special. Throw some colorful garnish on it. People will be glad you gave the effort.


About Staten Island Party Rentals:

Staten Island Party Rentals provides party rentals on and off Staten Island. If you’re organizing an event with many guests or a more intimate gathering, call us for your party rental needs. We have tables, chairs, linens, chair covers, servers and also provide bar service if desired. If you need a suggestion for an amazing caterer, we are at your service.

For more information on Staten Island Party Rentals or to schedule an appointment please contact us at: (718) 720-0900


Staten Island Wedding Location Spotlight: The Alice Austen House

Alice Austen House Weddings

Alice Austen House: The Perfect Place For Your Waterfront Wedding on Staten Island

That waterfront wedding has always been in the back of your mind. But where to have it? The Alice Austen House in Staten Island features a beautiful landscape to hold a whimsical wedding, with an enchanting view of Brooklyn and the Verrazano Bridge. Staten Island Party Rentals promises to make your special day everything you have pictured it to be since you put that engagement ring on.

Alice Austen was one of America’s earliest and most prolific female photographers and over her life, she captured about 8,000 images. A rebel who broke away from the ties of her Victorian environment, Alice Austen created her own independent life. The Austen house and the garden are seen from every possible angle or driveway and waters edge served as the first subjects for Alice’s camera. Visitors can relax outside on the long span of grass or enjoy the view by the water. The Alice Austen House also holds exhibitions for photographers regularly.

Clear Comfort (the Alice Austen House) was built in 1690 as a one-room Dutch farmhouse. After being bought by Austen’s grandfather, John Haggerty Austen, Alice herself moved there as a young girl in the late 1860s with her mother, Alice Cornell Austen. She lived there with her lifelong companion Gertrude Tate until 1945. Concerned citizens saved it from demolition in the 1960s. The house successfully gained status as a historic landmark and was restored in the mid-1980s.

Serving the tri-state area, Staten Island Party Rentals specializes in on-site and off-premise catering. We can do the honors of putting together your dream wedding or function at the Alice Austen House or bring our services to you. We work carefully to perfect your vision and create the event you desire. Our attention to detail is unmatched.

Call today to discuss the possibility of making your next affair everything you imagine.

The breathtaking views by the Alice Austen House await you.

To book an event, please call us at 718.720.090

Party Location Spotlight: Eve Ultra Lounge

Planning a party for the weekend and don’t know where to have it? Eve Ultra Lounge offers two levels, one for a more intimate party setting, the other for a more open space atmosphere, perhaps for a dubstep event. If an indoor location is not what you’re looking for, consider the outdoor oasis. The outdoor lounge has a few water fixtures and everything you and your guests need to experience some luxury.

Eve can handle organizing entertainment needs as well. From a DJ to a photographer, Eve Ultra Lounge can supply you with what you need for a perfect night. Do not worry about contacting separate vendors to get pricing quotes. Tell us what you need and the options we provide will be explained to you.

Eve Ultra Lounge was featured on MTV and VH1. The modern space attracts people and artists city-wide.  The 25-foot ceilings allow for an excellent light and laser show. Our space is very versatile and can be adapted for any event. The outdoor oasis includes a tiki bar, grand deck, and lounge furniture.

Services that we offer to our clients include: lists of DJ’s, MC’s catering services, lighting systems, state of the art sound equipment as well as waiters, waitresses and photographers as needed. We also offer Aerialists who can perform trapeze acts and aerial performances and fire breathers.

We tailor each event to our clients, offering additional options such as ice sculptures, photo montages, posting your logo or name on the front of the building, radio voice drops and more. Plan your event at Eve Lounge and rest assured our staff will be professional and attend to your guests all night. The Lounge can create memories that will last forever.

Come discover what your party can be, at the Eve Ultra Lounge!

About Staten Island Party Rentals

Serving the tri-state area, Staten Island Party rentals specializes in on-site and off-premise catering. We can do the honors of planning your dream party at Eve’s Ultra Lounge or bring our services to you where ever you may need them. We work painstakingly to make your event everything you have envisioned. We have tables, chairs, linens, chair covers, servers and can also provide bar service if desired by our clients. We are at your service.

For more information on Staten Island Party Rentals or to schedule an appointment please contact us at:  (718) 720-0900

Let Your Little Animal Hop Around with Exotic Animals

Your little bundle of joy has a birthday coming up. You want to throw a party, something a little bit out of the norm but nothing too crazy. People in general love animals, but kids especially love to learn about them. If your little animal has a thing for snakes, cockatoos, or scorpions, they would love a birthday party with some exotic animals.


Why having animals at your child’s birthday party would be great?

Not only do kids love them, but they could learn so much about animals in the process. Let them interact and experience some animals they normally would not see. If your child loves has a special place in their heart for farm animals, would be a spectacular idea for them.


Who needs clowns?

Balloon animals might entertain smaller children. But your child wants the real thing minus the jokes the clown might throw his or her way. Adults love to meet and connect with animals as well. From large animals like horses or alligators to smaller animals like capuchin monkeys or rabbits, there is an animal for everybody to come face to face with.


Photo-ops with Animals

Take all the pictures you want. Share on Instagram or Facebook so your family who couldn’t be there can get in on the fun as well! This birthday will be a fun day that your little beast and guests will enjoy and never forget.


About Staten Island Party Rentals

Staten Island Party Rentals is a service that provides party rentals on and off of Staten Island. In addition to our normal party rental services, we also rent petting zoos for birthday parties, fairs, block parties, and any other get together you may be arranging. We will make it easy for you and your guests to encounter your favorite animals. Animal shows are tailored to each specific event. We have a variety of animals, if you do not see what you are looking for, call and ask.

For more information: Contact us at (718) 720 – 0900


Ideas for the Ultimate St. Patrick’s Day Party

Saint Patrick’s Day is no longer a day only for those who are Irish. We all have a friend who goes to a Saint Patty’s day Parade or a party decked out in all green no matter their heritage. With this in mind, plan a bash full of things we all know and love.

Irish Drinks

From Irish Coffee to a Shamrock Shake, provide your guests with something sweet and savory to honor this day right. You can never have too much green today so go full force with your efforts to incorporate green into your experience. Find the perfect recipe online or from one of your Irish friends. Whip up something special for your guests.



Corned beef will quench the appetite of everyone at your party and they will probably be asking for more. This hearty meal will not only meet the expectations of your guests but exceed the fussiest of eaters, when made correctly. If you have any non-meat eaters at your party consider a shamrock pizza, super easy to make, throw spinach on a pie and you are golden. You could also try making Cilantro shamrock bread, very similar to garlic knots, except you put would use cilantro leaves to look like shamrocks. Also, this event would not be a Saint Patrick day’s event without some soda bread. You may consider making more than one, possibly one plain version for the finnicky eaters and the popular Cinnamon Raisin Irish Soda Bread.


Bring on the Green!

Besides everyone wearing green, make your home, party location, food and drinks match the festivities. If there are going to be younger kids at your event, definitely consider some balloons to entertain them for a while. Grab some green wall art, or jars for any plants you may have in the visible area, a wreath made with green materials possibly with or without some four leaf clover design. If you really want to get fully into the theme, buy some potted clovers where available.


About Staten Island Party Rentals

Staten Island Party Rentals is a service available on and off of Staten Island. We provide party rentals for any event you can imagine. We have tables, chairs, linens, chair covers, servers and also can provide bar service if requested. If you need a suggestion for an amazing caterer, we are at your service.

For more information on Staten Island Party Rentals or to schedule an appointment please contact us at: (718) 720-0900

Plan A Wonderful Staten Island Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah Party

The day your son or daughter has their bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah is an important occasion for them and for Jewish parents. Adulthood comes with many changes, not only in age but also, in ability and maturity. This day is to honor your child’s first step into becoming an adult. As for any party, try to keep in mind your child’s personality to create an event that will honor them effectively. Planning a perfect Bar Mitzvah on Staten Island should include these careful selections.

Some Aspects to Consider:

Choosing the Date and Invitations

Most bar mitzvah celebrations take place directly after the ceremony at the Synagogue. When selecting the date, consider if you are able to have the party on the day of the actual Bar/Bat mitzvah (the day of their birthday). Furthermore, in many communities it has become customary to celebrate a bar or bat mitzvah the same way people would a wedding. For this reason, you may want to look into reserving a block of hotels for any out of town guests who are invited to your son or daughter’s special day.

Booking the Party Venue and Entertainment

Pick a location that will hold all of your guests comfortably and lavishly. If the day does not fall on Shabbat, it is natural that music and dancing will take place alongside a festive meal. For this reason, a dancefloor and DJ or live music should be considered while in the process of selecting the best place. If you choose to have live music played by a band that day, it would be wise to choose a larger location to handle the noise compared to music from a DJ.

Food and Beverages

For this night especially the selection of food is optimum. Depending on your family’s specific dietary choices you will want to select a menu that encompasses them and will also feed your guests sufficiently. Another thing to consider is the ages of all guests in attendance. You will want to keep some options if anyone decides to bring their young baby with them. Otherwise, your son or daughter can help select the menu based on their tastes, while keeping with tradition as well.


About Staten Island Party Rentals

Staten Island Party Rentals is a service originating on Staten Island. We provide rentals for any type of event you can envision. We can provide chairs, chair covers, tables, linens, servers and also bar service if requested. If you need help selecting an amazing caterer, we can assist our clients with this as well.

For more information on Staten Island Party Rentals or to book an appointment please call us at: (718) 720-0900