So you’ve decided to throw a party, or maybe you’ve been hired to plan a party for somebody else. Either way, you are going to need to take care of a laundry list of things to ensure your party isn’t one to forget. Arguably the most important item on your to-do list is going to be organizing the food. You have to make sure that everyone is fed and happy because the food is the center of attention when it comes to people’s discussions about the parties they attend.

But how do you pick which caterer you should hire for your event? There are a lot of different factors that should go into picking but some of the easiest, and also most important are as follows,

Actually, Check With The Provided References

When you apply for a job, you usually have to provide a few character references that can vouch for you and how good of a worker you are. When you’re looking to hire a caterer, it’s no different. You should be given references you can call or email that can help give you some insight on the potential relationship you’re creating.

If you’re given references, you should definitely use them and if you aren’t given any then you should be requesting them.

Taste The Caterer’s Food

Obviously obviously obviously you aren’t just going to hire a caterer on word of mouth alone. You need to taste the food that you’re potentially going to be serving to your guests. It’s a good opportunity for you to find out what goes into the food, make any specific requests you want to make, and disclose any allergies that might be drawing some concern.

If you don’t taste the food, you’ll be feeding a crowd full of strangers what might essentially be mystery meat and nobody wants that.

Try To Work With Your Budget As Much As Possible

Let’s say your budget for the caterer is $2,000 but you find one that’ll give you a lesser service for a fourth of that, should you hire them? There are a lot of factors that go into answering this question but mostly the answer is no. You want a professional service that comes with delicious food and a friendly wait staff and skimping on the caterer isn’t the way to get that.

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