Centerpieces are, well, the centerpiece of tables at most parties or events. They are taken very seriously at weddings and they help when it comes to organizing the tables. Most of the time when you’re attending a party, the centerpieces will be an assortment of flowers of varying types. The idea that a centerpiece has to be a bouquet of flowers is old news. After a while, the same idea over and over again gets boring and stale. You need to keep your wedding and party fresh and interesting.

Instead of rehashing the same old idea, replace the drab flowers with one of these four interesting centerpiece ideas,

Photo Luminaries

Whether it’s a wedding, an anniversary, or even just a family party, creating a centerpiece filled with photographs of the people of honor is a great way to bring a personal touch to your event. These are easy to make yourself at home, which could end up saving you tons of cash when planning.


Door Knob Table Numbers

At your event, you might have a lot of tables spread out among the venue. Every table will have specific people that are supposed to sit there but how will those people know which table is which? Adding these door knob table numbers will not only help people find their assigned tables but will also bring a sense of style to your event.


Cactus/Air Plants

If you want to keep the plant vibe going with your centerpieces, replace the flowers with a cactus or a stylish air plant. It’ll be a great conversation starter among your guests and doubles as an interactive party favor for a select lucky few.


Fun Fact Cards

This one is quite arguably the most fun and personal item on this list. Let’s say you’re attending a wedding or an anniversary party, these cards will be printed with fun facts about the lovely couples that people at the table can read. Every table could read a different fact or tidbit, which would encourage people to get up and socialize with other tables.


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