Graduation is a time for celebration. You or your children, maybe even somebody in your family has just gone through four rigorous years of staying up late studying, or partying depending on the school. They have come out on top; become a successful statistic for the next generation to see.

But you can’t let their or your own accomplishment go without celebration, and the best thing you can do is throw a graduation party. How can you be sure that your graduation party is one not to be forgotten? If you’re throwing a graduation party on Staten Island, these tips below are sure to give you a helping hand.

1) Weighing Your Options

You have two options when it comes to your graduation party, or any party really. You can either have it home, saving you money in the long run. Or instead, you can rent out a hall or a venue to host your party.

Realistically, throwing the party at home saves you a ton of money. You can control the food, the dinnerware, everything. The only real downside is that you more than likely have to take care of all of the clean up yourself.

If you were to rent any kind of venue, the only thing you have to take care of are the expenses. Everything else is taken care of for you. The venue provides the food, the service, most importantly the clean up.

2) Remembering The Occasion

There are a handful of things that’ll help you remember the occasion. By adding fun and interactive things to your party, you not only give your guests a little extra bit of fun but you also ensure that you can remember who attending your precious occasion.

Putting an advice jar among the rest of your decorations will enable guests to write down any nice life or future advice they may have for you, fold it up, and place it in the jar. Another fun party game is to leave out a Polaroid camera that allows guests of your party to photograph themselves and then inscribe fun little notes on the back of the photograph.

3) Decorations

You have to dress your graduation party for the occasion. Wrapping your napkins up to resemble diplomas is a cute way to spruce up your already great party. You can use actual graduation themes to your advantage, such as putting out a bowl of ring pops and labeling them “class rings.” Or even stringing up homemade string lights made to resemble graduation caps.

Ultimately, you want your party to look good so people can feel good and comfortable with their surroundings. It doesn’t hurt everyone’s ability to remember your party, either.


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