3 Great Tips For Throwing a Graduation Party


Graduation is a time for celebration. You or your children, maybe even somebody in your family has just gone through four rigorous years of staying up late studying, or partying depending on the school. They have come out on top; become a successful statistic for the next generation to see.

But you can’t let their or your own accomplishment go without celebration, and the best thing you can do is throw a graduation party. How can you be sure that your graduation party is one not to be forgotten? If you’re throwing a graduation party on Staten Island, these tips below are sure to give you a helping hand.

1) Weighing Your Options

You have two options when it comes to your graduation party, or any party really. You can either have it home, saving you money in the long run. Or instead, you can rent out a hall or a venue to host your party.

Realistically, throwing the party at home saves you a ton of money. You can control the food, the dinnerware, everything. The only real downside is that you more than likely have to take care of all of the clean up yourself.

If you were to rent any kind of venue, the only thing you have to take care of are the expenses. Everything else is taken care of for you. The venue provides the food, the service, most importantly the clean up.

2) Remembering The Occasion

There are a handful of things that’ll help you remember the occasion. By adding fun and interactive things to your party, you not only give your guests a little extra bit of fun but you also ensure that you can remember who attending your precious occasion.

Putting an advice jar among the rest of your decorations will enable guests to write down any nice life or future advice they may have for you, fold it up, and place it in the jar. Another fun party game is to leave out a Polaroid camera that allows guests of your party to photograph themselves and then inscribe fun little notes on the back of the photograph.

3) Decorations

You have to dress your graduation party for the occasion. Wrapping your napkins up to resemble diplomas is a cute way to spruce up your already great party. You can use actual graduation themes to your advantage, such as putting out a bowl of ring pops and labeling them “class rings.” Or even stringing up homemade string lights made to resemble graduation caps.

Ultimately, you want your party to look good so people can feel good and comfortable with their surroundings. It doesn’t hurt everyone’s ability to remember your party, either.


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3 Sites to Find Wedding Inspiration Online

When planning a wedding, sometimes it is difficult to find a source of inspiration. And instead of typing in something generic like “wedding inspiration” into Google and being bombarded, we took the liberty of seeking out the best apps and websites to help you get inspired and plan your special day. Below are three different sites and apps that we found for wedding inspiration.

1) Pinterest

Pinterest is a site that is used mostly by brides. It provides a wide variety of images to draw inspiration from in categories such as floral arrangements, table settings, photo poses, and their dress/ accessories. One of the best things about Pinterest, in our opinion, is looking through the different wedding photos and seeing what poses or photo ideas you like best. You can also find and follow local photographers, this is a great way to compare different photographers in order to figure out which one you would like to work with. If you are looking for more tips on what to look for in a wedding photographer, click here to view on blog post on this topic.


2) Wed Pics

For those of you who know what Wed Pics is, which is an app that collects photos your friends took of you on your wedding day, you might be thinking, “I have not gotten married yet, how will this app help me?” This is a great resource to reference details of weddings from your friends or family members that you loved. You can also use this app for a wedding check list, to list your bridal registry, and to keep track of who you have invited to your event and who will be attending. Wed Pics also has a blog that offers great planning tips as well.


3) Wedding Wire App

The WeddingWire app for Android offers plenty of tools to manage your wedding planning from anywhere, and it is a great way to research vendors and compare prices. Search through tons of local wedding professionals, read newlywed reviews, and get advice from other couples around the world. Browse galleries for the perfect dress, invitations, and jewelry. You can also manage your to-do list, budget, guest list, and more. This is the perfect tool for a couple who is looking for an app that can inspire them and help them plan their big day.


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4 Things to Look for in a Wedding Photographer

When planning your wedding, it is easy to overlook to importance of a wedding photographer for your special day. However, having a great photographer is much more important than just hiring someone who happens to own a camera. It’s about finding someone whose style you adore and a personality that you mesh well with. Below are our top four things to look for when hiring a wedding photographer.



1) How to Know If You Have Found the Right Photographer

Start by viewing your potential photographer’s portfolio. Do their pictures tell a story? What are other brides saying about them? Think of the story you want your images to tell your friends and family when you share them with them, does this photographer tell the same story you would like to with their images? If after you meet with your photographer you feel they can tell your story, then you should do some research on them and find out what kind of skills they have.

2) A Photographer Who Poses You vs A Photojournalist Style Photographer

Do you want your pictures to look natural and unexpected as you experience your special day? Or do you want your wedding party and yourself to be posed and not caught off guard? Basically this debate comes down to this: do you want your pictures to look like everybody else’s but have a timeless element to them, or do you want them to be trendy and creative? In our opinion, this is one of the toughest decisions to make. This is why we would recommend doing two different engagement sessions: one with a photographer who poses you and one with a photojournalistic photographer. This will give you a good idea of what style you are looking for. You can even schedule a mini session with the photographer you are thinking of hiring in order to make your decision process even easier.

3) Finding a Photographer Whose Personality Meshes Well with Yours

You are going to be spending a full day with your photographer on the most important day of your life, it is important that the three of you get along. A wedding photographer with a personality that matches your own is important to the overall experience of your wedding, and will allow you to feel an ease of mind knowing that you won’t have any disagreements with your photographer on your special day.


4) Keep the Budget You Have Allotted for your Photographer in Mind

When seeking a photographer, don’t get caught up in the amount of products each photographer is promising. Stay focused on the actual quality of the work provided. Keep in mind that you cannot change the quality of the photographs taken at the wedding after the wedding day. If you are concerned about the price of your photographer, you can always limit what is included in your package by delaying when you purchase your wedding album and physical prints. If you can, always keep at least two photographers in your package. If you keep these five tips in mind when hiring your Wedding Photographer, you are sure to find someone who will fit in your budget, suit your personality, and will have the style you are looking for.

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5 Tips for Hosting Your Corporate Events

Corporate Events can be a one of the hardest events to coordinate. You want to make the event enjoyable to both your employees and your guests, however this can lead you to one of the biggest dilemmas: how do you make a corporate event both fun and professional? Below are a few of our tips for you to keep in mind when planning your next Corporate Event.


 1) Find a Caterer that Provides Great Service

Call us crazy, but splurging on food is not the key to success for a Corporate Event, it lies within your Event Staff. You want your servers to be          engaging, attentive, and ready for anything. People will remember how they were treated by the serving staff more so then how much food they were served or what kind of food they consumed.

2) Partner with Other Businesses

     Teaming up and finding sponsors is always a great way to help fund your event, but it is also a great way to create new, lasting business relationships. First of all, working with another business will help to relieve some of the planning responsibilities. And this is a great way to help your business expand the local economy, customers love to see small businesses work together towards a common goal.

3) Use Committees

     If you are feeling overwhelmed with the responsibilities tied to your upcoming Corporate Event, dividing your coworkers up into committees is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. First of all, it will allow your employees’ to feel a sense of pride in their assigned duty for this event, thereby making them more invested in how the event turns out. It will also encourage more employees to attend your event when they see that their office friends are also attending the event. The second reason to delegate tasks to your employees is so that you no longer feel overwhelmed and like the weight of this event is on your shoulders.


4) Set Your Target Audience

     Now that you have your employees divided up into committees, are partnered up with a business, and have a caterer, you should focus on marketing your event out to your community. There are a few things to consider once you move onto this step: who will attend my event, who do I want to be there, and how do I entice people to come? Try to invite other business owners, the families of your employees, and anyone who has been a loyal customer to you. This will help you to build up customer loyalty, as well as to show your fellow small businesses that you are willing to work with them. Targeting this group of people will also help you to build new relationships and strengthen old ones.

5) Leave Time for Networking

      Networking is always a great way to meet new people and to strengthen old relationships. Leaving time for your employees to sit down in a semi formal environment with workers from other departments will boost moral, as well as help them to build a stronger team atmosphere. It will also help your employees to meet fellow small business owners/ employees, which will help to build up your local community.

Remember, Corporate Events are meant to be a time to relax and set new goals with your employees. Try your best to have fun when the day of your event arrives. And should you need an event hall, additional tables, chairs, linens, or catering, Staten Island Party Rentals always has your back. For more information on our services, call 718.720.0900.

5 Tips for Guests Attending a Traditional Nigerian Wedding

Did you know that Staten Island has one of the largest population of Nigerian immigrants in the entire world? We found that out after hosting our first traditional Nigerian Wedding last year. The wedding was filled with different cultural traditions and was a two day affair. The first was a western “white wedding” or a “religious ceremony” were the bride walked down the aisle in a traditional white wedding dress. The bride will either marry within a Christian or a traditional Nigerian church. The second was the traditional “cultural ceremony” were the bride and groom wore traditional garb and each of their families wore the same color scheme to show which side of the family they were from.

Feeling inspired by this wedding, we decided to put together a list of five tips that a guest to a Nigerian Wedding can reference so that they can become acclimated to the culture before attending their loved one’s upcoming affair. In no particular order, let us begin.


1) Aso-Ebi

Depending on which side of the family you are from, you will be asked to wear Aso-Ebi, or “Family Clothes” for the bride and groom. Typically members of the family decide what colors and fabrics (since most clothes for the wedding are custom-made or made by someone the bride and groom know) the guests will wear. It is also common practice for friends of the bride and groom to come in family clothes as well.

2) Endless Guests

Do not be surprised if there are hundreds, if not thousands of people present at the wedding. Weddings are a big deal within the Nigerian culture, typically there are no invitations that are handed out (unless the affair is being held in the states) everyone is welcome to attend the event. Typically within the bride and groom’s village everyone will join in on the festivities.

3) Raining Money

There will be many periods of spontaneous dance. During some of them, an optional spraying of money or dollar dance will occur. Whenever the bride and groom dance well off relatives will “spray” the couple with money. They do this by placing the money in the couples’ pockets, headdresses, or by simply handing them some cash. This is thought to bring many blessings upon the young couple and help them make a fresh new start in their journey together in marriage.

4) Share a Drink

In a Nigerian village wedding, there is a ritual in which the bride and groom must drink from the same cup of palm wine. The bride is given the cup, and then must go from guest to guest until she finds her husband to offer him a drink as well. Once she locates him, they must figure out a way to drink from the cup together. This process can sometimes take the entire wedding reception to complete as the groom is often pulled aside by friends and family members who wish to congratulate him on his special day.


5) Multiple Outfit Changes

Like we stated before, a traditional Nigerian wedding can be broken up into two to three different ceremonies, a civil, a religious, and a cultural ceremony. For the budget conscious couple, they typically hold one ceremony but change their outfit up to three different times. And for the more wealthy couples, they typically opt for the three ceremony affair. In America, the couple will typically have a civil ceremony were they sign their wedding papers and host a small reception, and then about two weeks later they will hold a religious ceremony typically within a Christian church. The bride will walk down the aisle in a white wedding dress, and during the reception she will change into a cultural gown in order to celebrate her family and her roots.

If you are still looking for catering, Staten Island Party Rentals works closely with Chez Vous Caterers on Staten Island. Call us at 718.720.0900 to learn more about our catering packages.



3 Tips for Planning a Bar/ Bat Mitzvah

A Bar/Bat Mitzvah is an important day in a young child’s life. They transition from being a child to being an adult, and as an adult they are now held accountable for their actions within their community. A Bar Mitzvah is held when the boy is 13 and a Bat Mitzvah is held when the girl is either 12 or 13 (this depends on the denomination the young lady belongs to), and is held on the Shabbat (or Saturday) after their birthday.

After the formal ceremony at the temple, most families opt to have a  Seudat mitzvah, other wise known as a “commanded meal” or traditional feast. These feasts are shared between friends, family, and community members to celebrate your child becoming a full fledged member of the community. Below are three of our best tips for helping you and your family plan a Bar/ Bat Mitzvah for your son or daughter.


1) Select a Venue that has Enough Room for Dancing

There is nothing worse then falling in love with a venue but being stuck with a microscopic dance floor. At a bar/ bat mitzvah, dancing is a central element to the after party. Especially when it comes to the Hora, or circle dance, which typically kicks off the signal for everyone to get out on the dance floor. You also want to make sure that your venue has high enough ceilings for the chair lift.

2) Find a Venue that will Allow You to Bring in Food

Another thing to consider when selecting a venue is making sure that they can prepare traditional food, and if they cannot, find out if you can bring in your own outside catering. At events like this, there is no better way to celebrate then with the traditional food you grew up with like challah bread and matzo ball soup. You will also want to find out if the food being served is kosher or not.


3) Stick to Your Guest List

It can be exceedingly difficult to have a strict guest list and to try to stick to a certain number of guests. However, if you are on a budget, limiting your guest list is the best way to keep costs down. Try to invite only the essentials, close friends, family, and religious leaders. That way you will not have to worry about entertaining a large group of people, and you won’t have to worry about finding a venue to accommodate all of your guests.

If you are looking for catering or party rentals for your upcoming party, consider booking Staten Island Party Rentals. For more information on our services and menu options, call 718.720.0900.

6 Tips for Planning Your Quinceanera

Over the years, we have seen many young women celebrate their first leap into womanhood, and have been fortunate enough to help many young women celebrate their Quinceanera. A Quinceanera used to be a celebration of a woman who was ready to be married and to prove her purity to anyone who wishes to court her. Today, the traditional Quinceanera party has become a bit more modern in being that woman don’t have to follow the same restrictions as they did what Quinceaneras first became popular. But there are three things that never change: the food, the dress, and the shoes. Below are six of our tips on how to plan a Quinceanera.

1) Set A Budget

When the Quincenera first became popular, it was considered a luxury to spend $5,000 on it, now a days, that is typically the bare minimum in being that they range from $12,000-15,000. When setting your budget make sure that you don’t stretch yourself too thin. And remember, the cost of the dress needs to be factored into the cost of the entire event. That way, you can ensure that you have allotted enough money for food, decorations, and of course, the cake.


2) Create a Guest List

It can be very difficult figuring out who to invite to your party. Between relatives, classmates, coworkers, and friends, it is easy to end up with an overwhelming amount of people. We recommend setting a limit of how many people you will invite. Once you have that number, try to keep it as balanced as possible when choosing between close friends and family members.

3) Select Your Venue/ Caterer

Find a venue that can accommodate the number of guests that you have decided to invite, one that is close enough to everyone you plan on inviting, and something that offers catering if that is important to you. Make sure that you book your venue in advance, the best time to call is at least 6 months before your event.

For your caterer, make sure that they are well versed in the cuisine you desire. Whether that be latin American classics or Old Style Americana, try to book a food tasting to get a better idea of the menu being offered. Once you have your food selected, then you have to decide if you want the food to be served buffet style or set up for a sit down dinner.

4) Select Your Court

Selecting your court, or Corte de Honor, can be a difficult task. Your Court represents the people who have been the most influential to you over the past fourteen years of your life. They can be either female or male (Chambelàns and Damas) and are mainly reserved for close friends and relatives. They will also be the people to help you create and hand out invitations, set up for your big day, help you select music, and will assist you in planning other aspects of your day, so choose wisely.

5) Select Your Dress

Selecting your quinceanera dress is almost as difficult as selecting a wedding dress. They come in all different shapes and styles, from ballgown to trumpet to empire, it can be overwhelming. A good rule of thumb is to go with the dress that you are most excited to wear, ad one that could be worn again.


6) Plan Out the Festivities

Lastly, it is time to figure out when the shoe ceremony will be, what kind of grand entrance you and your court will have, and any other things you would like included in your party. You may even want to consider hiring a photo booth, check out our reason why you should by clicking here.

We hope these tips and tricks have helped you in planning your upcoming Quinceanera. For more information on our services, call Staten Island Party Rentals at 718.720.0900.

3 Party Theme Ideas

Themed parties are some of the most exciting ones to attend, at Staten Island Party Rentals, we have many items to choose from for any size party. Below are some of our favorite ideas for themed parties.



With our rental items combined with your design sense, we can help you to incorporate your very own red carpet for your guests to come decked in their favorite looks. We highly recommend renting out gold, white, red, black, silver, or burgundy for your linens, chair covers, and chair bows. Some popular pairings that the Oscars have used is gold linens with a white and gold table runner, and red chair covers or their early 2000s set up of black and gold linens, black chair covers, and gold chair bows. These looks are classic and elegant and feel worthy of the red carpet.

To bring the look over the top, rent our premium champagne and wine glasses along with our silver ware and napkins. Your guests will be blown away. Or you can even go retro and host your party outdoors under a tent with a massive projector screen to play the award show as your guests enjoy a fabulous meal.


Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras, which is also referred to as Shrove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday, focuses on the practice of eating richer, fatty foods before the Lenten Season kicks off the following day. The colorsof Mardi Gras are yellow, green, and purple. Easy ways to incorporate those colors are in your linens, chair covers, napkins, and beads. The beads can be used as either a party favor, for decorations, or for a gift for when your guests arrive. You may also want to include masks, lights, and some colorful plates.

One of our favorite Mardi Gras games to play is Mardi Gras Madness and Who Got the Baby, they are card games similar to poker. And of course, no Mardi Gras party is complete without crowning the King and Queen, which is a fun way to make your guests feel special.


New Years

New Years is the time of year when we reflect back on our year and how far we have grown. Ring in the new year with your closest friends and family members with a toast of champagne using our premium glassware. Colors to use for your linens should include gold, silver, red, white, or black. You should also incorporate fresh flowers to represent hope and new beginnings.

We hope our list of party theme ideas helped you decide on yours. In being that there are so many themes to choose from, we selected our three favorite themes. In the future we are looking to expand on this post and add more themes to a future blog.


5 Reasons to Hire a Photo Booth

The photo booth first made its way into our hearts during the Worlds Fair in 1889. It would take nearly 40 years for the Photo Booth to finally find itself in New York City, and then eventually across America. In the 1990s Photo Booths were thought to have reached their peak with the invention of the digital camera, turns out photo booths are back and better then ever. There are so many reasons to hire a photo booth for your wedding, here are five of our favorites.


1) Fun Factor

Photo booths allow everyone to get together and have some fun. There are tons of different props that you can use to be as creative and wacky as you would like.

2) Time Filler

A photo booth can be an excellent time filler, making it a great way to combat the sometimes lengthy pre-reception wait. The photo booth also serves as an ice breaker for your guests to be wacky, let loose, and have some fun while they wait for you to make your grant entrance.

3) Wedding Favours

The photos that your guests can take of themselves and with their dates, friends, family, and the lucky couple are ones that they will treasure for a long time to come. And they are certainly a unique wedding favour to give to your guests. Instead of giving them another candle, you know the old saying, a picture is worth a thousand words.


4) Guestbook

A photo booth makes a fun and memorable alternative to a more formal guestbook. It is one that you and your partner will look through again and again and feel the memories of your special day each time you look through the photos.

5) Memories

Like we stated before, a picture is worth a thousand words, the photos captured during your photo booth will definitely be memorable. And they will be something that you and your guests will look back upon as the years go on.

If you are looking for a photo booth for your next party, we here at Staten Island Party Rentals work with a number of different vendors in the area. Let us know if you are looking to book one when you call us to book your next event.

5 Steps to Plan a Family Reunion

Staten Island Party Rentals knows how important family is. Which is why we have you covered with our huge selection of tents, heating and cooling equipment, tables, chairs, linens, serving accessories, and decorations.

Staten Island Wedding Party Rentals

Family Reunions are a special time for your family. Whether they be held during the Spring, Summer, Fall, or over the Holidays, they are a great way for you to reconnect with your loved ones. There are many things to consider when planning a family reunion:

1) Make a Guest List

Contact everyone on the list in order to see how many people will be attending. This is a great time to catch up with your loved ones and to see what they have been up to for the past few months. While you are calling everyone, you should give them a couple of dates and have them rank them from one to three and pick their top three dates of availability. This will help you to select the best date for everyone.

2) Set a Date, Time, and Pick a Location

3) Set a Budget

4) Order Your Party Rentals and Catering

5) Plan Your Event

There are many things to consider when planning your event: selecting the menu and theme for your Family Reunion, ordering your party rentals, and staffing and selecting your decorations. Once you have that figured out all of the above, you can consider adding games that will help to bring your family closer. We recommend games that will get everyone involved like Apples to Apples, Headbands, or Cards Against Humanity (for the adults).

Staten Island Wedding Party Rentals

Staten Island Party Rentals is here to help make your next Family Reunion one to remember. We’ve been serving the Tri-State area for the past thirty years. Staten Island Party Rentals is your one-stop resource for all of your catering and rental needs. Contact SI Party Rentals at 718.720.0900 for the affordable solutions to all your rental and catering needs.