5 Steps to Plan a Family Reunion

Staten Island Party Rentals knows how important family is. Which is why we have you covered with our huge selection of tents, heating and cooling equipment, tables, chairs, linens, serving accessories, and decorations.

Staten Island Wedding Party Rentals

Family Reunions are a special time for your family. Whether they be held during the Spring, Summer, Fall, or over the Holidays, they are a great way for you to reconnect with your loved ones. There are many things to consider when planning a family reunion:

1) Make a Guest List

Contact everyone on the list in order to see how many people will be attending. This is a great time to catch up with your loved ones and to see what they have been up to for the past few months. While you are calling everyone, you should give them a couple of dates and have them rank them from one to three and pick their top three dates of availability. This will help you to select the best date for everyone.

2) Set a Date, Time, and Pick a Location

3) Set a Budget

4) Order Your Party Rentals and Catering

5) Plan Your Event

There are many things to consider when planning your event: selecting the menu and theme for your Family Reunion, ordering your party rentals, and staffing and selecting your decorations. Once you have that figured out all of the above, you can consider adding games that will help to bring your family closer. We recommend games that will get everyone involved like Apples to Apples, Headbands, or Cards Against Humanity (for the adults).

Staten Island Wedding Party Rentals

Staten Island Party Rentals is here to help make your next Family Reunion one to remember. We’ve been serving the Tri-State area for the past thirty years. Staten Island Party Rentals is your one-stop resource for all of your catering and rental needs. Contact SI Party Rentals at 718.720.0900 for the affordable solutions to all your rental and catering needs.

Summer Wedding Tips

From May until August couples are dashing to the wedding altar for a number of reasons. One of them being that summer weather allows a couple to get married in the great outdoors. Below are some of Staten Island Party Rentals summer wedding tips and tricks to help make planning your summer wedding a breeze.


The Setting

Summer weddings are perfect for outdoor nuptuals. Whether they be on a beach, a garden, or a beautiful yard, take advantage of the season with either an afternoon ceremony or a gorgious sunset ceremony. We would highly recommend using fresh fruits and vegetables to add a fresh pop of color with your decorations – they are both colorful and inexpensive items to make a space look light and airy.

Summer Attire for the Bridal Party

In order to stay cool during your outdoor ceremony, look for light weight fabrics such as organdy, linen, chiffon, crepe, georgette, and light weight silks. The gown won’t feel heavy and the material is very breathable so that you won’t sweat as much as you would if your gown was made of tulle and a heavy silk such as a brocade or a tussah. And for the men, instead of a wool suit, opt for one made of linen. Trust us, your groom will thank you for it.

Some trends to try out for the upcoming Spring 2016 bridal season is having your bridal party wear floral crowns in their hair or having your maid of honor wear a woven hat. And if you know that your wedding is going to be humid, why not try having your bridal party rock some fishtail braided buns? They look very chic and are a nice twist on a well known classic.


Summer Foods

Take advantage of the fresh fruits of the summer such as watermelon, and berries, and fresh vegetables such as corn. You can even incorporate them with your drinks by serving refreshing granitas and sorbets. Another way to incorporate the flavors of summer into your wedding is to incorporate fresh seafood, including lobster and oysters into your menu. Or, you can always opt for a good ol’ fashion backyard bbq, especially if you are getting married in July.

Wedding Favors

Wedding favors one the fun way to tell your guests, “thank you for wittnessing this next step in our lives”. If you are a foodie, you may want to send your guests home with some fresh fruit. Or for a beach wedding, you might consider giving out sand dollars, seashells, or candles. If you know your wedding is going to be during a hot day, paper parasols and paper fans are perfect for keeping your guests cool. Or you can give your guests the gift of life by giving them seeds to plant flowers, fruits, or vegetables.


Summer Wedding Flowers

Flowers are one of the most essential parts of your wedding. You can fill the scene with bright and cheerful flowers such as roses, sunflowers, red and yellow calla lilies, dahlias, gerber daisies, cosmos, mums, and zinnias. Or you can go with an airy summer look with mostly white and light colored flowers such as roses, stephanotis, white phlox, elegant white calla lilies, huge and fragrant casa blanca lilies, hydrangea, snowball mums, and daisies (also known as Shasta daisies). The possibilities are endless!

We hope these tips and tricks will make planning your wedding a breeze. And for all of your wedding needs, give Staten Island Party Rentals a call. We are offering new canapy and tent packages exclusively for weddings. You can reach us at 347.723.1825.

Barn, Ranch & Country Inn Wedding Ideas

With help from us here at Staten Island Party Rentals, your special day will be perfection! Lately rustic chic weddings have been all the rage. Below are suggestions of what to use and which of our preferred vendors’ locations to book in order to transform your space into the wedding of your dreams.


Barn weddings are known for their architecture, wood floors, and twinkling lights. A great way to contrast the clean lines of the barn are to include china balls which provide a soft, dreamy glow to help light your reception.

If you are looking to go a more traditional route with your decorating, then going with elements such as bales of hay, bunches of wheat mixed with flowers, branches, and tealight candles are perfect elements to incorporate with your existing decorations. We also love it when couples bring vintage frames and place photos of themselves throughout their time as a couple leading up to their special day. It gives the room a more intimate feeling and invites your friends and family into your most cherished memories.

Barn themed weddings became a huge hit in the mid 2000s when rustic, eco chic was the it thing to do. There is something magical about the “come as you are” attitude that comes with an eco chic wedding, which is something that one of our rental halls, Shandelee Lake Inn, is a pro at providing. Shandelee Lake Inn is located in the Livingston Manor region of the Catskill Mountains. Located about an hour and a half away from the hustle and the bustle of the city, Shandelee is a lake side Inn that allows you reconnect with your friends and family. There are no chandeliers, no gold trimmings, and no wifi. From the moment you sent foot in our Inn, at Shandelee you come as you are and be yourself.


Decoration Ideas

We would highly recommend using banquet style tables for displaying buffet style dinners for your guests. This way there is enough space for all of your food and for your guests to grab as much food as they would like onto their plates.

We love vintage lampposts and strands of twinkle lights as an elegant solution to light your event space. It creates the look of stars within the space and also gives your photos a dreamy glow.

Our last decorating tip is to use our white, natural wood folding chairs that we rent out for $3.50 each. Not only are they comfortable with their padded cushions, they make for an effortless seating arrangement for your ceremony.

We hope these tips have made planning your rustic themed wedding a breeze. We are now accepting bookings for the 2016 wedding season, as is the Shandelee Lake Inn. Call 347.723.1825 for more information.

How to Incorporate Fall Colors into your Event

Every year, Pantone.com releases the colors of the year which dictates what colors will be seen on your clothing, in your home, and at your parties. This year, Panone.com did not disappoint with their beyond exciting colors of fall! However, it can be a bit overwhelming to figure out how to make these colors work for your party. Thanks to Staten Island Party Rentals, incorporating these colors your next party is a breeze.

Fall Pantone Colors

Everyone has favorite colors- colors that speak about who you are, how you live, and how you celebrate. This month at Staten Island Party Rentals, we are focusing our emphasis for that special fall bride to help your wedding be an unforgettable one. Staten Island Party Rentals has all your linen needs, we provide table clothes, chair covers, napkins, and sashes all in the latest fall colors. But how do you incorporate these colors into your party?

It all depends on the theme of your party and how you want to play around with the color. The neutral tones, like Dried Herb, Desert Sage, Stormy Weather, Oak buff, and Reflecting Pond can be paired with pretty much any color, neutral tones always serve as your go to colors and the cemment that holds your color palette together. Your warm tones, Marsala and Cadmium Orange can act as a contrasting color to any of the warm toned colors you might be using. Or you can use these colors on their own and pair them with one of the neutral colors listed above. The cold toned colors, Amethyst Orchid and Biscay Bay, can follow the same rule as the warm toned colors, except they would act as the contrasting tone to the warm colors.


Here are some basic reasons for why certain colors are used. If you want to infuse excitement, energy and action into your party you would want to use reds or the Pantone color of the year, Masala. Pinks, like the Cashmere Rose, encourage a caring and nurturing vibe for your party. Oranges are generally more afforable and less expensive when shopping for decorations for your party, mainly because organe is not the most popular color for parties. White is gerneally used for bridal parties and weddings. Purples like Amethyst Orchid are associated with royalty and give your party a hig brow feeling. Yellows are associated with happiness, which is why yellow tones are very popular with baby showers and birthday parties. Greens are used for new birth and regeneration, which is another very popular hew for baby showers. Blues are used for trust and authoirty, making this hew very popular for anniversary parties. Black is a powerful color and is perfect for any of your super hero themed parties. And lastly, Brown is associated as an earthy tone and is very practical when you want to incorporate a number of different colors for your party.

Now that you know how to use these fall colors, try them out fr your next party. And if you need any linens, napkins, or chair covers to help liven up your party, contact Staten Island Party Rentals at 347.723.1825.