WATCH: How To Make Flowers Out Of Fruit

There are some people out there in the world who see food as just a means to survive. They think that food doesn’t need to be anything more than sustenance and they don’t particularly care if their food has any flair to it. Most other people would disagree and they might argue that food is the best parts of their everyday life. There is a hidden third group hiding off to the side that believe that foods and desserts are an art.

The nice people over at DelishPlan have posted a how-to video that’ll teach you how to turn the fruit sitting in your refrigerator into a nice fruit-flowery display. This is a sure fire way to bring even more life into your already great party.

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Three Ideas For Throwing A Great Summer Party


Summer time is one of the greatest seasons of the year. There’s no snow, the weather is hot, and most importantly there isn’t any snow. Did I mention that summertime is free of snow? Summer is the season for outdoor barbecues and all around great parties. The weather is lovely outside and it creates a great opportunity to have a gathering of your friends and/or family. Check out these three ideas that could make your summer party as enjoyable as it could be,

A Snow Cone Station

A great way to keep cool while entertaining your guests at the same time is by setting up a snow cone station. A snow cone, if you don’t already know, is a paper cone filled with shaved ice and topped with different sugar syrup flavorings that tunnel through the ice. When it’s too hot, this is a good way to cool everyone down.

Open Up Both The Outside And The Inside

Sometimes throwing a party outside in the summertime can get a little too hot and your guests might get a little fussy. They’ll stop enjoying the party if all they’re going to do is sweat through their clothes. Instead of keeping your party outside specific, open the inside of your house up for people’s enjoyment. It’ll give your guests a chance to cool down, as well as creates more seating for the entire party.

Use A Kiddie Pool For Drinks

Maybe you have a miniature fridge, or even a cooler that you could use to keep drinks cold. Even if you have either of those, they tend to be too small to house all of the beverages you need. Sooner rather than later you’ll run out of cold drinks and people will have to settle for warm drinks. Instead of going too small, go too big and get an entire children’s pool, load it with a whole lot of ice and dump as many drinks as you need inside.

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We are a party rental company located on Staten Island that offers party rentals on and off Staten Island. So, if you’re planning a large event with thousands of guests or a more intimate gathering, you can always rely on us for all of your party rentals needs. We can provide tables, chairs, linens, chair covers, servers, bar service, or if you need a suggestion for an amazing caterer, we are at your service.

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How To Pick A DJ For Your Event



Throwing a party or an event can be both hectic and stressful at times. There are so many things that you have to be responsible for and as the date gets closer, the pressure gets thicker and thicker. You have to make sure you don’t’ leave anybody out when making the guest list and mailing out the invites. You also have to be sure that you order enough food for everyone in attendance. If you leave people out, you might end up burning some bridges you didn’t want to burn. And if you run out of food, people will never let you forget it.

One of the most important pieces of any party is the music. Great music will put people in a great mood, which is what you want for your party. Music allows people to dance and interact with each other. Everyone gets to meet new people and make some friends while they enjoy the jams coming out of the speakers. But how do you make sure which DJ you should hire for your event? These four tips might help you out,

What’s Your Budget?

You can’t do anything unless you know exactly what you’re able to spend on music entertainment. A lot of different companies offer a variety of packages that include dancers and performers. These packages can get really expensive and it might not be in your budget. Figure out exactly how much you’re able to spend from the budget you have or that you’re allotted and only then will you be able to start considering DJs.

Figure Out What Kind Of DJ You Need

There are many different types of DJs. Some of them double as an emcee and they’ll make announcements and interact with the crowd throughout the event. Others might just be present at their table and play music throughout the entire event. There are even some DJs who only play a particular type of music. This all depends on the kind of event it’s going to be and if you know that, you more than likely won’t have any problems with this.

Check Reviews & Testimonials

When you’re about to buy a product online or you’re about to pick a restaurant to have dinner, you almost definitely will be checking the reviews. If you don’t check then how else are you supposed to know the steakhouse you’re about to dine in have roaches? Or that the DVD player you’re about to buy breaks after a short amount of time? By looking up reviews for the DJs you have picked, you are essentially taking the mystery out of the job and putting yourself more at ease.

Request A Demo Video

Ultimately, the only real way you can get to see how good a DJ is at their jobs is to have them provide you with a demo reel. A demo reel is a video that collects the best content the DJ has to offer, which you can watch and see for yourself. A demo reel is almost like getting a free sample from Costco. You’ll never know how good someone is before your event unless you get a little taste.

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We are a party rental company located on Staten Island that offers party rentals on and off Staten Island. So, if you’re planning a large event with thousands of guests or a more intimate gathering, you can always rely on us for all of your party rentals needs. We can provide tables, chairs, linens, chair covers, servers, bar service, or if you need a suggestion for an amazing caterer, we are at your service.

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3 Things To Remember When Planning a Sweet 16 Party

Sweet 16 Parties on Staten Island

It’s very rare that a girl turns sixteen years old and doesn’t get a party to celebrate her transition into early adulthood. Sweet 16s are a HUGE staple in today’s culture and the parties go big. Sometimes a sweet 16 could be even bigger than a wedding, really. Between the guests, the food, and the gifts, a sweet 16 can be the most important party you ever have. How can you be sure that your daughter’s day can be as special and memorable as possible? Hopefully these tips below can give you the help you’re looking for.

1) Invitations

Your invitations are almost as important as the party itself. Sweet 16 invitations have become the most creative piece of the pie that is the party. I’ve seen an invitation that was an entire actual chocolate bar and the invitation itself was woven into the wrapper as the nutritional information. The theme of that sweet 16? Willy Wonka.

That Willy Wonka inspirited invitation is still so memorable to this day, and your invitation can be just as creative. Throw out the idea of a white rectangle with words and start thinking outside of the box. Is the theme of your daughter’s party pirates? Print your invitations as a treasure map! It’s the things like this that make a sweet 1 a sweet 16.

2) Party Favors

Your party is going to end sometime and something needs to mark the occasion. The usual idea is to send guests home with a bag full of goodies that are plastered with the name of the birthday girl and is accompanied by a photo. You can include mugs, t-shirts, even a small bottle of bubbles will do. A mistake people make, I think, is not going with the theme when it comes to your party favors.

If your theme is rock and roll then maybe you could include a guitar pick with the name of the birthday girl and the date of the occasion. Keeping with the theme is a great way to ensure everyone walks away remembering arguably the best party you’ll ever throw.

3) Entertainment

Entertainment is a flip of a coin. On one side you can go with a DJ who can play whatever songs you want whenever you want, but it’s not as special. On the other side of the coin, you can hire a band to play your party, the music selection won’t be as big but it’ll bring a little more life to your party.

How can you select which one to hire for your party? The best answer is to ask your 16-year-old. What kind of music does she want at her party? If it’s too big of a range then maybe a DJ is the best choice, but if she wants a limited choice with a more interactive environment then a band might be the way you want to go. It’s all about how you want your party to be represented and how much fun you want everyone to have.

Why Have Inflatables At Your Event?

"Sport Arena Bounce house" by Azbounce4kids. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

“Sport Arena Bounce house” by “Azbounce4kids“. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

So you’re having a party, maybe it’s a block party or perhaps just a regular run of the mill birthday party. Why should you have an inflatable at your event? That’s the wrong question. The right question is actually, “why shouldn’t you have an inflatable at your event?” An inflatable attraction is an incredibly easy way to crank your party up to an 11. No matter how great of a party you throw, it’ll be even better with an air filled castle rocking out in the front yard.

There are a few types of inflatables you can get for your party and there isn’t one that is better than another. The most popular choice that you may spot at another party is an inflatable bouncy castle. In this one, kids are encouraged to jump inside and hop their troubles away. Another popular choice that you may want to consider for your event is the inflatable water slides. Just provide the hose and the water and you can turn a scorching party into a fun, refreshing one.

These great party additions aren’t limited to the enjoyment of children. Adults can partake in the fun as well. An inflatable bouncy castle is a great place to hold an eating or drinking contest at a party that’s more on the adult side. Inflatable water slides is another addition that can be enjoyed by all ages.

Inflatables at your party is a great way to ensure the children in attendance aren’t bored sitting at the table, staring at a bowl of chips that’s growing more and more stale by the minute. You want an inflatable at your party, so reserve yours today!

4 Tips For Throwing a Great Block Party


Throwing a Block Party on Staten Island?

Nowadays you don’t spot many block parties out there in the wild. They used to be a dime-z-dozen but now when you drive or walk by one, you’re more than likely in shock. Maybe you decided you’re sick of the lack of block parties and you want to throw one of your own. You want to show your neighborhood a good time and the best way to do that is a block party.

1) Set A Date, Get Your Permits

The absolute first thing you must, must, must do when planning your block party is to set a date for when your party is going to take place. Without a date, you can’t file for permits, and if you can’t file for permits quickly enough then your block party may already be dead before it starts.

As soon as you set a date, you can apply for the proper permits that’ll allow you to throw the best block party this side of wherever the hell you live. The permit path is different in every city. Some cities charge a fee, while others don’t charge anything. There are even some cities that insist on making you pay insurance for your party. Getting the permits is arguably the most important aspect to having a block party and it must be number two on your block party checklist, directly after setting a date.

2) What’s Your Radius?

Let’s say that your house is home base for your block party, how big do you want your party to be? Do you want it to stretch over more than one block? Maybe you want it to just go from one end of your block to the other; you could even do one end of the block to just the middle if you don’t want to go too crazy.

Setting your radius is important because it almost sets the rule of who to invite and who not to invite. Your neighbors should yield an invitation, hands down. It’s very important to not exclude anyone on your block from your party as to not make any neighborhood enemies. If they live on your block then they’re invited to your party, there should be no “should we, shouldn’t we” when it comes to who to invite on your block.

3)  Plan Your Activities

Just locking down a date and a radius isn’t enough when it comes to your block party. You need fun things for your guests and attendees to do. Some people rent rides and bouncy houses, which is definitely always an option for you. If your block party is going to be kid heavy, maybe hire a few entertainers to come and liven up the entire thing. A clown and face painters are a simple and inexpensive way to entertain and to ensure children enjoy themselves just as much as the adults.

4) Hire A Planner

So you want to have a block party, you want to be remembered for throwing the best bash your neighborhood has ever seen. But you don’t want to actually do any of the work. That’s okay! There are people you can hire, places you can call. Hiring a party planner to sketch out your block party and take care of literally everything is a great way to come out on top as a great party thrower, while at the same time you get to sit back and relax.


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5 Tips For Throwing The Best Staten Island BBQ on Labor Day


The summer has ended. You’ve had your fair share of barbecues and now it’s time for one last run at throwing the last hurrah you and all of your loved ones need to be able to properly send summer off. Labor day is upon you and barbecuing sort of comes with the territory. But how can you ensure that your barbecue will be one to remember? How can you become everyone’s favorite host?

Following any of these five tips might be the helping hand you need.

1) Prepare Ahead Of Time

You never want it to be the morning of your barbecue and you still have plenty of things to do. No one wants to run out at nine in the morning to get a big bag of ice or some hamburger buns. Alternatively, one to two days before your barbecue go out and buy everything you need. Buy extra of everything you need, just in case. That way come game day, you’re set with everything you need. Also, making a list you can consistently check off as you go helps you keep everything in order.

If you plan on using glassware and actual plates for some reason, make sure they’re all clean and ready for use. Although, paper plates and plastic cups are the best way to ensure everyone gets a clean plate and you don’t have to keep up with doing dishes.

Your equipment should also be prepped ahead of time and ready to go. Your grill itself should be scrubbed and your grilling tools should be laid out and prepared for usage.

2) Stock The Bar

Drinking a nice cold one goes hand-in-hand with chowing down on some delicious barbecue food. But what if you run out of all of your libations right smack dab in the middle of the party? Nobody wants to have to keep any of their guests waiting while you do a quick beer run. Your guests will more than likely bring some drinks as a thank you for hosting but that might not cover it.

Making double, even triple sure, that you are more than stocked on a variety of beers, sodas, and juices will ensure that everyone will have a good time.

3) Dress Your Barbecue For The Occasion

Most barbecues start out around lunchtime but a good chunk of them happen towards the later half of the day. The sun is going to set at some point and you know what would really pull everything together? Running a few string lights around your deck or backyard area. Themed plates and napkins would also bring a good touch to America’s favorite pastime. Barbecuing. Dressing up your back yard for your guests is a good way to make your setting memorable. Think about renting a tent or canopy in the event that the weather doesn’t cooperate.

4) Not A Good Cook? Make It A Potluck

It’s not exactly the most conventional way to throw a barbecue but changing your barbecue party into a potluck barbecue party is a fun way to put a spin on your party. It turns into a fun piece of conversation, a lot of talking about who made what, and how they made it.

And hey, maybe you know that you aren’t the greatest chef in the world, you don’t want your guests to come over and remember you for the food that didn’t quite taste up to par.

5) Just Cater The Entire Thing

Honestly, you’ve hosted barbecues all summer long, you went all out for the fourth of July spectacular and you’re sick of it. You’re sick of having to go to the store and buy the food, the drinks, and the dishware. Maybe you’re only sick of the after-barbecue clean up that you have to go through every time. The greatest gift you could get yourself is a caterer. A caterer will come in, serve the food, the drinks, and the dessert so you don’t have to. Most of all, it’ll take away the burden of having to do an end of the night clean up when all you may want to do is get a head start on a good night’s rest.


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3 Great Tips For Throwing a Graduation Party


Graduation is a time for celebration. You or your children, maybe even somebody in your family has just gone through four rigorous years of staying up late studying, or partying depending on the school. They have come out on top; become a successful statistic for the next generation to see.

But you can’t let their or your own accomplishment go without celebration, and the best thing you can do is throw a graduation party. How can you be sure that your graduation party is one not to be forgotten? If you’re throwing a graduation party on Staten Island, these tips below are sure to give you a helping hand.

1) Weighing Your Options

You have two options when it comes to your graduation party, or any party really. You can either have it home, saving you money in the long run. Or instead, you can rent out a hall or a venue to host your party.

Realistically, throwing the party at home saves you a ton of money. You can control the food, the dinnerware, everything. The only real downside is that you more than likely have to take care of all of the clean up yourself.

If you were to rent any kind of venue, the only thing you have to take care of are the expenses. Everything else is taken care of for you. The venue provides the food, the service, most importantly the clean up.

2) Remembering The Occasion

There are a handful of things that’ll help you remember the occasion. By adding fun and interactive things to your party, you not only give your guests a little extra bit of fun but you also ensure that you can remember who attending your precious occasion.

Putting an advice jar among the rest of your decorations will enable guests to write down any nice life or future advice they may have for you, fold it up, and place it in the jar. Another fun party game is to leave out a Polaroid camera that allows guests of your party to photograph themselves and then inscribe fun little notes on the back of the photograph.

3) Decorations

You have to dress your graduation party for the occasion. Wrapping your napkins up to resemble diplomas is a cute way to spruce up your already great party. You can use actual graduation themes to your advantage, such as putting out a bowl of ring pops and labeling them “class rings.” Or even stringing up homemade string lights made to resemble graduation caps.

Ultimately, you want your party to look good so people can feel good and comfortable with their surroundings. It doesn’t hurt everyone’s ability to remember your party, either.


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Spring Events Color Culture

Every year, releases the colors of the year which dictates what colors will be seen on your clothing, in your home, and at your parties. This year, did not disappoint with their beyond exciting colors of the spring! However, it can be a bit overwhelming to figure out how to make these colors work for your party. Thanks to Staten Island Party Rentals, incorportaing these colors your next party is a breeze.


Everyone has favorite colors- colors that speak about who you are, how you live, and how you celebrate. This month at Staten Island Party Rentals, we are focusing our emphasis for that special fall bride to help your wedding be an unforgettable one. Staten Island Party Rentals has all your linen needs, we provide table clothes, chair covers, napkins, and sashes all in the latest fall colors. But how do you incorporate these colors into your party?

It all depends on the theme of your party and how you want to play around with the color. The neutral tones, like Iced Coffee, Lilca Gray, and Snorkel Blue can be paired with pretty much any color, neutral tones always serve as your go to colors and the cemment that holds your color palette together. Your warm tones, Peach Echo, Rose Quartz, Buttercup, and Fiesta, can act as a contrasting color to any of the warm toned colors you might be using. Or you can use these colors on their own and pair them with one of the neutral colors listed above. The cold toned colors, Serenity, Limpet Shell, and Green Flash, can follow the same rule as the warm toned colors, except they would act as the contrasting tone to the warm colors.


Here are some basic reasons for why certain colors are used. If you want to infuse excitement, energy and action into your party you would want to use reds or the Pantone color of the year, Masala. Pinks, like the Rose Quartz, encourage a caring and nurturing vibe for your party. Oranges are generally more afforable and less expensive when shopping for decorations for your party, mainly because organe is not the most popular color for parties. White is gerneally used for bridal parties and weddings. Purples like Lilac Gray are associated with royalty and give your party a hig brow feeling. Yellows like Buttercup, are associated with happiness, which is why yellow tones are very popular with baby showers and birthday parties. Greens, such as Green Flash, are used for new birth and regeneration, which is another very popular hew for baby showers. Blues are used for trust and authoirty, making this hew very popular for anniversary parties. Black is a powerful color and is perfect for any of your super hero themed parties. And lastly, Brown is associated as an earthy tone and is very practical when you want to incorporate a number of different colors for your party.

Now that you know how to use these fall colors, try them out fr your next party. And if you need any linens, napkins, or chair covers to help liven up your party, contact Staten Island Party Rentals at 347.723.1825.

What is difference between a tent and a canopy?

A canopy is a lightweight tent used for shade or for a light shower. A canopy needs to be installed on grass, has center poles and ropes and stakes all around the perimeter. A canopy cannot be installed on concrete, cost less to rent than a frame tent, approximately 50 cents to 75 cents a square foot.

A frame tent are 2” aluminum poles that is assembled like a frame of a house, is stronger against wind and can accommodate sidewalls.  The frame tent can be installed on concrete, decks & patios. Frames tent cost approximately $1 per square foot.